review: bioderma (Sensibio H2O & DS+)

silvia on May 14th 2013

although I pay a lot of attention to skin care products, i’ve never actually written reviews of the products i’ve used and liked over the years. this changes now and the reason in very simple. i’ve been battling with a new skin condition (old ones: acne and first lines) and i’ve spent good hours searching high and low for a skin routine that really suited my skin.
before having this mild seborrhoeic dermatitis i used for my daily routine the clinique 3 step skin care (type 3) + other clinique products (repairwear laser focus wrinkle & UV damage corrector, super rescue night moisturizer, turn around concentrate radience renewer, turnaround instant facial). since september 2012 nothing seemed to work on my skin. it had red patches, with squames that got worse in the sun or in the wind. it felt tight even though i applied extra moisturizer (clinique moisture surge). since clinique is my absolute favorite brand for skin care,  i wanted to go for the  redness solutions care routine, but the daily relief cream contained hydrocortisone, so it was a no-no from the start.
i started testing  over the counter products (ketoconazole 2%, clotrimazole 1%) and cosmetics (la roche posay: thermal water, kerium, toleriane ultra;  cetaphil moisturiser, the body shop – aloe vera range; etc), but nothing worked. most of the products just made my skin broke out with acne and made my t-zone oilier than it already was. the worse part was that they didn’t solve the redness and itchiness. to cut a long story short i decided to give sensibio range from bioderma a try. i couldn’t say it worked miracles, but it is certainly a good range for sensitive skin, with DS.
i gave up all the other products that i’ve been using and now my daily routine goes something like this:

  1. sensibio ds+ soothing, purifying cleansing gel - a cleansing gel that calms the redness, the itchiness and it visibly reduces the squames. the skin feels comfortable and doesn’t break out, so the gel does a really good job controlling the sebum.
  2. sensibio h2o - a micellar solution that i use as a toner and as a make up remover. it is very gentle, it calms my face and removes all the impurities and makeup (including mascara). i cannot recommend this product enough. people with sensitive, reactive skin should give it a try. u won’t regret it. it also comes in a travel size bottle, which can be helpful if you want to test the product as you cannot find testers for sensibio range in drugstores in bucharest.
  3. sensibio ds+cream soothing purifying cream – a gel like cream that moisturizes the dry patches on my face (esp. cheeks and nose) , eliminates the squames and hydrates the rest of my face without clogging the pores.
  4. photoderm ar spf 50+ – this is my finishing product. it is creamy, it further hydrates my skin and protects it from the summer sun.

besides the positive effect they have on my skin, what i love about all these products is their texture (very light – the ds+cream is more of a gel) and the fact they have no smell.  what i don’t like is the package of the ds+ foam – sort of weird cap that doesn’t close very well and the fact that the cream and the miccelar lotion run very quickly. a tube of 40 ml cream and a 250 ml miccelar solution will probably last me no more that 6 to 8 weeks.

complementary products:

  1. salcura zeoderm skin repair moisturiser – i only use this whenever my dermatitis gets really bad due to higher level of stress, hormones, weird sleep hours, chaotic meals, exposure to sun, stronger wind, cold season, etc. i don’t apply the cream on the entire face, just on the red, dry itchy patches on my cheeks and nose. it further soothes and repairs my skin after i use ds+ cream. zeoderma can also be a suitable treatment of other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin or itchy skin. the only thing i dislike about this cream is its smell ( i’d prefer no smell at all).


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